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My Man; 私の男; Watashi no Otoko

My Man; 私の男; Watashi no Otoko

©2014 "My Man" Film Partners


Dir. KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi | 2014 | 129 min



  • ASANO Tadanobu
  • NIKAIDO Fumi
  • MOROOKA Moro
  • KAWAI Aoba
  • YAMADA Mochika
  • KORA Kengo
  • FUJI Tatsuya



  • Based on the original novel : SAKURABA Kazuki (“WATASHI NO OTOKO”)
  • Screenplay : UJITA Takashi
  • Music :Jim O’Rourke
  • Executive Producer: FUJIOKA Osamu, YURI Keizo, WAKABE Shiro, KIMURA Ryosuke, MIYAMOTO Naoto, NAGATA Yoshihiro
  • Cinematographer :KONDO Ryuto



After losing everything in a tsunami disaster, 10-year-old Hana is taken in by 26-year-old distant relative Jungo Kusarino. The pair begin living together as father and daughter while sharing a profound sense of loss. Jungo works as a cook for the coast guard and has to leave young Hana alone for days at a time. Amidst the deep snows of Hokkaido, Jungo and Hana both desire to fill their empty, love-starved hearts as they set foot into a forbidden world. Eventually, an elder benefactor in their small town, Mr. Oshio, learns of Jungo and Hana’s illicit relationship. When he tries to separate them for Hana’s own good, it provokes her emotional rage. Soon after, atop the ice floes in the Okhotsk Sea, a murder quietly occurs. Keeping the secret between them, Jungo and Hana escape the north to start a new life in Tokyo. However…